Amazing Curves Racing

Brightland History


  • Advanced Physics
  • Single or Online Multiplayer
    • Online Multiplayer features such as Turbo Reset keep you in the action even if you have an off or someone crashes into you
  • Simple Setup
  • Fun to Drive with latest FFB Wheels, Gamepads, and Keyboard
  • Start Racing in Seconds
    • Levels load quickly
    • No waiting for updates or for shaders to compile
    • Creates a new simulation genre, FFE: Fast, Fun, and Efficient. Or perhaps GRG: Get in, Race, Get out. Your time is valuable: everything in the simulator is about speed, simplicity, and not making you wait

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  • Sports & Formula Style Cars
  • Two Tracks Raced Both Ways
    • Flat with Curbs
    • Banked with Elevation Changes
  • Up to 24 Online Players, Up to 88 Cars
  • Progression Game Mode
  • Practice Mode

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Simplified Simulation Experience (SSE)

  • Single Player
    • Start racing in seconds
    • Customized Practice or Progression
  • Online
    • Find a race in seconds
    • Join and start racing in seconds
  •  F.A.S.T: Fast/Fun Advanced Simulation Technology
    • Fun, consistent dynamic driving physics
    • Realistic high speed driving even with keyboard or gamepad
    • Full support for force feedback wheels, pedals, handbrakes
  • Interactive Real-time Car Setup / Tuning
  • High performance driving trainer
  • Meditation tool when in the zone doing laps


  • Bicubic Polynomial 3D Curved Surface tracks
  • Custom tire model which interacts directly with curved surfaces instead of flat triangles
  • Curved surface displacement mapping for bumpy road modeling
  • Custom networked physics engine: lag is well hidden
  • Custom generalized fluid dynamics airflow simulation
  • Hear cars around you with 3D audio
  • Live interactive car setup editing while on the racetrack
  • Optimized for constant smooth high frame rate with no frame drops or jitters
  • Physics engine optimized to be energy-accurate/symplectic, cars tested stable on a high-banked oval racetrack at 1000mph+


  • Fix any major issues found in beta testing
  • New content: cars, tracks
  • Enhance physics using real cars for verification
  • Improve AI
  • Build an ecosystem setting up custom game servers to support small groups of racers looking for the Simplified Simulation Experience (SSE)

Get the Free Beta here using a Discount Code

There’s a long history behind the development of Amazing Curves Racing, read about it here: Brightland History.